I am a creator + I am a teacher

My passion is to inspire and educate others through teaching online media. What do I teach? All kinds of things 3dMax, Autocad, and Google Sketch etc .

I grew up in Peshawar, Pakistan and my biggest passion as a kid was Video Game. Later on, I studied Computer science at Peshawar University. After graduation, I made several projects in Autocad and 3dmax. After 10 years experience in the industry I grew my passion for teaching. I taught in Cecos University. Onward I decided to cover international students. That’s why in 2015, I created my very first online course. Through consistency, persistence, and quality, over 5,000 students have enrolled in my courses. Video Courses Online became my brand and home. Our courses have become best sellers on many of the most popular online learning platforms.

Today, I spend most of my time helping students, creating new content, helping friends and many more.

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